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Grant Application Process

School district employees (teachers and administrators), students, and community members may apply for an FMEEA grant that will benefit students residing within the FMRSD. Two grant cycles will be offered each year: one in the spring and one in the fall. All funding requests must have approval from the principal of the school to be benefitted. The online application must be submitted before the end of the 1st day of the deadline month (March and October). LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.


Within a couple of days of the online grant application submission, applicants will receive a confirmation email from containing an attachment to be printed and signed by both the grant applicant and the school administrator. In order to complete the application process, the signed document must be scanned and returned via email by the 10th of the deadline month before the grant application will be considered for funding.

Grant award decisions will be announced by the Board approximately 10 days after the application deadlines. Successful applicants may be asked to make a final presentation to the Board after the implementation of their proposal.


In order to provide some financial scope of the grant funding, the following figures are for the previous 5 non COVID-19 school years. The figures for each school year represent the TOTAL of the fall and spring grants.

Average Number of Applications = 26
Average Total Cost of the Grant Activities = $56,808
Average Total Amount Requested from the FMEEA = $36,244
Average Total Amount Granted by the FMEEA = $21,375

The grant requests typically range from $200 - $3000 each. Last year, we exceeded the levels from prior to COVID-19.


FMEEA grant funds will no longer be paid to any entity except the Fall Mountain Regional School District. Grantees must work with the District Grants Manager to ensure that all requests for payment for grant expenses are supported by their grant application so that reimbursement can be made directly to FMRSD before June 15th in the school year for which the grant activity occurred. Grantees must submit ALL their grant related receipts and requests for payment ONLY to the District Grants Manager of the FMRSD.


FMEEA grant funds will only be paid directly to the school by check as agreed with the school’s accounting department. Grantees are responsible to ensure that all requests for payment for grant supported expenses are made such that reimbursement can be made to the school before June 20th in the school year for which the grant activity occurred. The FMEEA will not make payments for grant activities prior to all those activities taking place. Please plan accordingly.


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